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Virtual Play and Digital Therapy:

Therapy services utilizing play, virtual sandtray, comic creation and origin stories, art and various gaming to explore and support skills. Play and Digital Therapies have been well researched in effectiveness for all ages in learning to apply new skills to daily living situations. Have questions about Play or Digital Therapies? Wonder what Geek Therapy might be about? Ask me more about that!

Child/Adolescent Services: (ages 12+)

Today's kids and teens have never had life more stressful and chaotic. From the daily living difficulties of educational achievements, bullying, coordinating their hectic schedules, and adjusting to unexpected crisis, today's youth have a lot on their plate! Then if a youth may also show signs of mental health symptoms, and/or struggle adjusting to trauma experiences, where can you find hope for help? RIGHT HERE. 

Virtual Groups: 

Ask about the virtual Neuro-D(ivergent) Club! New groups form biannually- contact to ask for more details. (All group members must be in the states of  Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri)

Adult Services:

There are a wide range of services, from life skills coaching (some call it adulting), to trauma parenting support, to in-depth individual therapy focusing on mental health or trauma concerns from the past, present, or future. Digital and gaming options available for all ages too!

Trauma Therapies:

Utilizing EMDRIA trained EMDR, supervised, and experienced Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, as well as IFS (Internal Family Systems) parts work for clients of all ages who have experienced various forms of trauma and loss. Frequently utilizing a mindful, narrative, storytelling format when clients feel comfortable doing so, to assist with the organizing and integration of trauma experiences into our stories. Note: all mindfulness interventions are provided from a trauma-informed and client centered perspective.

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Insurance Companies Currently In-Network: Aetna, BCBC/Anthem, Cigna, Homestate (Missouri only), Medicare. There are cash pay options as well, please contact for more details on pricing.

***Note: Telehealth makes EVERYTHING accessible! Give it a try!

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