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play therapy

Play Therapy:

Therapy services utilizing play, art and activity to learn new skills. Play therapy has a long researched effectiveness for children ages 2 and up in learning to apply new skills to daily living situations. Have questions about Play Therapy? Ask me!

***Specializing in foster care and adoption issues, attachment trauma, ADHD, anxiety, behavioral difficulties and various similar related concerns. 

art therapy

Adolescent Services:

Today's teens have never had it more stressful and chaotic. From the daily living difficulties of educational achievements, online bullying, coordinating their hectic schedules, and adjusting to unusual family crisis, today's teen has a lot on their plate! Then if a teen also struggles with self-harming behaviors, eating disorders, stealing, harming others, or much more serious concerns, where can they find hope for help? RIGHT HERE. 

parenting adult therapy

Adult Services:

Specializing in women, there are a wide range of services, from individual life coaching, to family therapy, to parenting support, to in-depth individual therapy focusing on mental health concerns from the past, present, and future.


Now providing EMDRIA trained, supervised, and experienced Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy for clients of all ages who have experienced various forms of trauma and loss. Please note, EMDR trauma processing  is not available via video based therapy.  

online therapy counseling

Online Therapy Options:

Online therapy services for individuals ages 16 and older in Illinois, Michigan, or Missouri. Secure video, phone or email messaging options available. Email and ask about these services today!