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Books (Popular Books in Therapy)


The Hope Chest's Social Media:

The Hope Chest's Facebook

Rachel Wethers' LinkedIn Profile

Rachel Wethers' Psychology Today Profile

Rachel Wethers' Pinterest Parenting Toolbox

Rachel Wethers' Twitter Profile

Youtube: The Hope Chest's Channel

Twitch: Fostering Support


Neurodivergent Resources

Additude Magazine (Warning: Mixed affirming)

ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

Kristy Forbes: Autistic Parenting and PDA

Identity First Language


PDA Society: What is PDA?


Parenting: Adoption Resource Sites

Honesty in Adoption with Children and Why it is Important

Transracial Adoption Tools: Grow Beyond Words

(Also, see Parenting:Trauma Resources below)


Parenting: Trauma Resource Sites

Beacon House: Trauma Education Resources

Robyn Gobbel: Trauma Parenting Blog, Podcast, Trainings

Sesame Street: Traumatic Experiences

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