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ADHD and the Afternoon Meltdown

ADHD Defined


ADHD and Helping Adults Sleep

ADHD and Helping Kids Sleep

ADHD: Simple Interventions for Parents

Executive Functioning: 10 Steps to Independence (parenting)

Mindful Parenting for ADHD Caregivers

Wired, Tired, and Sleep Deprived


Anger Management Skills

Fair Fighting Rules (Couples and Families)


Anxiety Relaxation Techniques

Dissolve the Thought


Breathing Exercises

Calm Box: Adult


Mindfulness: Features

Mindfulness: Exercises (Adults and Teen)

Relaxation Techniques (Children)

Relaxation Techniques (Adult or Teen)

Wise Mind Activity


3 Things Parents of Strong-Willed Toddlers Need to Know

10 Tips for Disciplining Traumatized Children

10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs to Know

10 Ways to Foster Co-Regulation

15 Trauma Healing Goals

20 Ways to Stop a Tantrum

25 Stars (Caught Being Good Chart)

Beyond Consequences: Lying

Consequences that Teach (Positive Parenting)

Co-Regulation: Fostering Self Control

Fostering at the Holidays

Helping Teens with Traumatic Grief: Tips for Caregivers

Helping Your Child Make the Most of Their Time in Psychotherapy

How to Ruin Your Relationship with Your Teenager

Ideal Childhood Development (foster care focus)

Key's to Developing a Sense of Safety (Attachment Focused Parenting)

PACE (Attachment Focused Parenting)

Parenting: Consistency Vs. Rigidity

Relaxation Techniques (Children)

The Skill of Active Listening

Sexual Abuse: A Handbook for Caregivers

Sexual Abuse: Caregivers of Foster or Adoption

Spoiled Children or Healthy Babies?

St. Louis Area Respite Shelters

The Invisible Suitcase

Tantrums in Foster Care


What Do You Put In a Calm Down Box?

The Whole Brain Child: Connect and Redirect Protocol

Trauma: Adult

Loving a Trauma Survivor: Tips for Spouses

Books (Popular Books in Therapy)

Coping Skills: Kids

Anh's Anger

Breathe Like a Bear

Calm Down Time

Charlotte and the Quiet Place

I Can Do That

I Will Be Okay

The Invisible String

The Kissing Hand

The Lemonade Hurricane

The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel (Series of emotions)


123 Magic

Attachment-Focused Parenting

Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control (Attachments)

Boundaries with Kids

Boundaries with Teens

The Connected Child (a MUST for foster and adoptive parents!)

I Love You Rituals

Parenting with Love & Logic

Parenting TEENS with Love & Logic

Parenting with Theraplay

Raising a Secure Child (Circle of Security)

The Whole Brain Child

Relationships: Adult

5 Love Languages for Couples Book

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work (Gottman)

Boundaries in Dating

Hiding From Love

Safe People (Cloud & Townsend)

Trauma: Kids

A Terrible Thing Happened

Families Change (Adoption and/or Just Entering FC)

Foster Care: One Dogs Story of Change

Kids Need to be Safe

Murphy's Three Homes

The Night Dad Went to Jail

Trauma: Adults

Getting Past Your Past (EMDR Companion Book)



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