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Rachel Wethers, MSW, LCSW currently provides virtual services online in the states of Illinois, Michigan and Missouri. She has over 15 years of clinical therapy experience with a history of managing and providing therapy services virtually (online), in office, in home, in school, community based, residential, outpatient, and in crisis settings. She enjoys developing and motivating the skills and specialties of children, teens, and adults who have experienced a background of trauma and adversity, inspiring hope for change for the future.

Rachel's greatest interest and specialty is in various areas of Trauma, Attachment, Anxiety and Neurodivergence. She also has a great deal of experience in other areas, including anger management, coaching daily life skills, demand avoidance, depression, dissociation, license supervision (IL and MO), Neurodivergent affirming supports, and parent coaching of all kinds, including foster and adoption trauma from attachment perspectives.

Rachel prefers to utilize a trauma-informed mindfulness, strengths and a nurturing approach in her work. She believes that felt safety and internal co/self regulation skills are the heart of the ability for acceptance, which then leads to change, when it is what YOU want and are ready for. She will often use various modalities from ACT, DBT skills, EMDR and Narrative and Attachment Therapies. Uniquely, she often utilizes Geek Therapy approaches, incorporating various gaming, electronics, comics and superhero tools in an interactive experience to explore our needs and abilities. Twitch live streaming CLICK ME!

As a previous foster youth who aged out of a difficult system, Rachel can bring a unique perspective to foster care and adoption related trauma needs. She is comfortable working with clients of all backgrounds and is affirming of all cultural, income, race, religious or sexual orientations, or neurodivergences. As a fellow ADHDer herself, she wants everyone to know that all brains and hearts are welcome and celebrated here. This is a safe space for ALL.

**Note: Rachel ONLY provides therapy ONLINE/Virtually**

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